Was Bruce Lee Ahead of his Time?

Published: 01st August 2009
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Some wonder if Bruce Lee might be called a prophet. It's true that Lee was a student of philosophy and studied it profusely as he did martial arts. He trained and studied how to improve himself physically so he could be in the best fighting condition he could possibly be in. It is my humble opinion that Bruce Lee was the real deal.

In many ways Bruce Lee was ahead of his time. His idea of mixing different styles of martial arts together or using the blocks, punches or kicks from the styles that works best for you are only now common place. Did he introduce the concept of whole body workouts? Lee would combine different types of workouts to push his body further; he was always after that extra edge.

He did things during his martial arts training that were not being done by any others during his time. He used no fixed or robotic style defense, his students trained for many different possibilities.

Bruce Lee's study of philosophy opened his mind to accept anything, he was able to look at all things and take the best from them. He was always quoting one philosophical thing or another, you can easily find long lists of Lee's quotes in books and online. One can only wonder what Bruce Lee may have accomplished if he was still with us today.

What influences would he have continued to contribute to the martial arts community? Was he a prophet? I would like to think that yes he was in some sort of way but not in the religious sense.

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