Volleyball Training Methods

Published: 24th August 2009
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Training for the sport of Volleyball can increase the endurance, explosive power and the vertical jump. Volleyball involves lots of jumping and a strong lower body that has the endurance to last many games with out tiring is desirable. Being able to jump for spiking, blocking or setting up shots is vitally important for the player.

Doing drills like spiking and practicing serves, which are important, will not build the strength required for exceptional jumping abilities. An athlete would have to do exercises and drills that would focus on strengthening the thighs to get better at jumping. The act of playing the game of Volleyball can help with some strength but focusing on specific exercises is very important.

Depending on the age and skill levels of an athlete you would decide how intensive the exercises would be to strengthen the thighs? Doing squats or dead lifts would give a good foundation of strength. Other exercises such as lunges and leg exercises on machines would also help. Later doing plyometrics would be the exercise to do for developing a level of explosive strength.

Plyometrics are jumping and bounding exercises used to stimulate the fast twitch muscles in order to produce more power. As good as plyometrics are, you must be careful using them. They place a lot of stress on the legs so they should only be done three times a week at the most and do not over do them during each workout. Give yourself recovery time before the next workout. This type of workout is best used off season so the legs are not over used and game performance compromised.

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