Use Portable Pull-Up Bars

Published: 13th August 2009
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One of the best body weight exercises you can do is the pull-up. It is excellent for your upper body strength to include your back shoulders and arms. Trouble is you may not have a convenient bar to use at home, your gym or near by park.

Good news is you can get one of those portable pull-up bars to use at home. There are a few styles available and they are easy to use and one can be carried with you if you travel. These are the styles that are used in a doorway and there is a freestanding type for outdoors.

For your doorway you can get one of those bars that fit between the door jam of a doorway. Included are two brackets that are screwed into the wood on both sides of the door jam. You place the bar into the brackets, twist the bar and it will tighten into the jam and it's ready to use.

The second style is designed to make use of the frame at the top of the door. It kind of hooks on and your body weight will hold it in place. This bar will come with more than one hand placement to give you some variety. Some models will even let you make use of it at floor level for sit ups.

The negative with these is if you are tall you have to bend your knees to keep your feet off the floor. I have both types of doorway pull-up bars and use them a lot. The first one above I have used for about 25 years.

Another choice you have is a stand alone portable pull-up bar. They come in sections so it can be disassembled or set them up outside and leave them. It is an outdoor tool and should be made to withstand the weather.

Any of these portable bars are better than not having anything and are worth using. You should be taking advantage of the benefits of doing pull-ups.

Check out how doing Pull-Ups will benefit you at Learn To Do Pull-Ups. Health and fitness have been Tim Archbold's lifelong interests.

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