How did Bruce Lee Train his Abs

Published: 30th July 2009
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One of the big things Bruce Lee was known for was his spectacular abdominal muscle development. His body fat level was very low and he had a thin waist which helped accentuate the definition of the muscles. One of the things that was very important to Bruce was a healthy diet which really helped.

In the beginning, Bruce Lee initially studied how bodybuilders trained and learned the techniques they used to develop their abs. He became a believer of how important the abs are in providing stability and balance for the whole body. They are involved in nearly every move that we make.

Correct technique and form were essential to Bruce and he tried not to cheat his movements. Although he occasionally would shorten the movements when he was unable to do the full repetition so he could get more out of a particular exercise.

Cardio fitness was big with Bruce, he did lots of running, bicycling and rope skipping to help his cardio vascular conditioning and it burned a lot of calories. He was always doing crunches, leg lifts, body twists and all the other regular abdominal exercises that everyone used but he pushed it even further.

He was pioneering with his training and devised some of his own exercises for his abdominal training. He was famous for what was called the "Flag" exercise. He would lie on a bench and grasp supports close to his head with his hands and lift his body off the bench. With only his shoulders supporting him, he would then do leg lifts. This movement is what the name "flags" comes from.

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