Grip Strength Isometric Exercises

Published: 03rd August 2009
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Most people can be found exercising their grip strength using grippers, pinch grips and other common exercises. Another option to try is isometric or static exercises for your forearm strength. Variety in your workouts is a good thing.

For a bodyweight type exercise try holding yourself up in a push-up position on your finger tips. It may be difficult or even painful at first but your forearms will get stronger as time goes by. Try doing them with one long hold or a few shorter sets. If the push-up position is not good for you try doing this on your knees instead of your toes.

Hold a strong stick of any kind in your two hands. Rotate and twist your wrists in different directions and hold for at least 7 seconds as if your are trying to break the stick. This exercise should workout the forearm all the way around.

If you are using barbells and dumbbells you can do static holds to exercise your wrists in addition to any other body part. Hold a barbell out in front of you with your elbows in your sides, this will target your forearms. Try this with your palm facing up and down.

Place your forearm on a bench or table with your wrist hanging over the edge while holding a dumbbell. Hold in a static position as long as you can with your palm facing up or down. You can hold a barbell straight out in front of you as Bruce Lee was known to do, this will target your entire arms and your shoulders.

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