Good Vertical Jumpers Make Good Sprinters

Published: 27th August 2009
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It has been documented that for the most part, people that have a good vertical jump are also pretty fast sprinters and the reverse can be true. It has to do with the leg strength and explosive power that has been gained from training. Although there are muscles that are predominantly used for sprinting and jumping they can overlap and help in both events.

Those with stronger quads seem to jump higher, and stronger hamstrings and glutes should be faster sprinters. So if you have developed stronger quad muscles, say from squats you will have benefited your jumping ability. But since you need to sprint up and down the basketball court you should be developing the hamstrings as well to help with a fast sprint.

If you seem to be a faster sprinter than you are a jumper then you need to start doing more squats. Add to that, jump squats and depth jumps. Jump squats are basically a plyometric exercise to help develop explosive power. For the jump squat bend down as if doing a squat with good form then explosively jump upwards, pushing off with the forefoot to jump as high as possible.

For the depth jump you need a stable platform to stand on. Keep it short at first till you get stronger then you can go to a higher platform. What you do is simply step off the platform and land on both feet absorbing the impact with your legs. By absorbing the impact you are letting your body go into a slight squat bending your knees.

For more information on how to jump higher go to href="">Jumpers Can Sprint. Tim Archbold's lifelong interests are fitness training and health.

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