Don't Chase Your Boyfriend Away Ė Be careful Of Your Signals

Published: 17th February 2011
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When dating you need to be careful of how you handle your boyfriend so you do not chase him away or put yourself in a position that lets him take advantage of you. Men have a different idea about how things are and may get the wrong ideas about how you are and act towards him. So donít chase your boyfriend away by giving him the wrong signals.

One thing you should not do is put him under the microscope asking about his background or past girlfriends. Knowing some about him is important and he will tell you info, but do not pressure him into telling you stuff. And on the flip side, you donít need to tell him everything about you. Definitely donít talk about past boyfriends because he will start to either feel like he is competing against them or you still have feelings for one of them.

Donít cater to his every need or be overly helpful. You want to keep your respect and make him respect you; he would prefer it that way. Find the right balance between being feminine and fun but not cheap. Make him take responsibility for treating you like a lady and not putting you down. You deserve to be treated with respect, if you donít get it you need to move on.

Donít try to change him into something he is not. Even if you do not like his style, you still should not try to change him. He is what he is and changing him will make him go away. If you donít like something about him find another guy.

These are some simple tips to follow so if you want to keep your boyfriend close, do your best to follow them. For more information check out this site about stopping your breakup

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