4 Common Reasons For Infidelity

Published: 23rd February 2011
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Marital infidelity is said to happen in about one third of marriages. There are many reasons for infidelity depending on each couples situation. Listed below are some of the more frequent reasons.

Some people are thrill seekers or risk takers. These people may see having an affair as a way to satisfy their need for taking a risk and not getting caught. The fact they are having this affair is more about the fear of getting caught and beating the odds than about the fact they are cheating on their spouse.

Sometimes someone may have an affair just to get even with their spouse. What if your spouse cheated on you, would you be willing to cheat on them to get even? This can and does happen and never ends well. This type of behavior is almost impossible to fix and the marriage is most likely doomed.

After getting married, one may feel like they made a commitment they wish they never made. They realize that marriage at this time was not for them, they need the freedom to roam. Having an affair gives them some feeling of being in control of their lives and satisfies their restlessness.

The stress of life can catch up with you and having an affair could be an escape from all of it. If married couples paid more attention to each others emotional needs, this kind of affair can be avoided. Being able to communicate with each other could potentially stop this from happening because of being able to talk about your life’s troubles.

Any of the above could apply to a man or woman, neither is immune from having an affair. If the marriage is strong and both are committed to each other, then the chances of an affair happening is greatly reduced. To learn more about affairs or to save your marriage after infidelity check out save your marriage.

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